Embrace the Marketing Community

Today is just another day of marketing, learning new ways to turn your leads into a relationship that will benefit both parties. I believe that I can help one person a day just by writing this blog and supporting them in someway.

The marketing community has the best support for online marketers. When you plug into any of the marketing communities with or without a membership, there are people to support you with expert training and support from marketers of all ages and in all stages of marketing. The people you connect with are having or had the same experiences as you are having now in marketing. They love to help you grow, take pride in the way they share and are more willing to point you in the right direction.

Some of us start sell products that enhance your health and well-being and as we grow in our experience we want to pay it forward. This confirms that the training we complete is worth it’s weight in gold. Paying it forward not only enriches your income, it all so enriches your soul. Training is great and the community backs it up with sharing their experiences on web sites and pages they create on social site like twitter and face book.

Marketers that have integrity will introduce you to education supportive companies with a marketing platform that bring income opportunity. Education with the steps that lead you to success. We share secrets of the trade and direct you how to use them. Back it up with webinars, three-way calls, seminars, conventions and when needed one on one training.

Marketing is introducing people to the opportunity to train with companies that have trainers that making 6 to 7 figures and are willing to train you how to do it. We take pride in our education and teaching it to you. As you plug-in the world of marketing unfolds in front of you, most of the training that I am doing I earn as I learn, so it pays for its self every month. This is why we are so passionate about what we do and how we can make the claims of success.

Some of us start at the bottom level and the only way to go is up. As we market and learn the tricks of the trade a wealth of knowledge unfolds. We are excited about how far we have come and that is why we can’t wait to promote the people and the products they introduced us to. Embrace the marketing community, go forward with your team building relationships, wealth and success.

Sales Incentive Programs Thrive With Effective Marketing Communication Plans

Your company is ready to unveil a brand spanking new sales incentive program geared toward improving the performance of your employees and channel members. There is a highly enticing and exciting award for winners, such as an all-expenses paid trip to the Caribbean or incentive card loaded with thousands of dollars in value. You have a clever, fun theme for the program that everyone is sure to love. The success of the program which is measured through increasing sales, improving employee performance, and fostering employee engagement and channel participation, will however, hinge largely on your ability to successfully create a cohesive, compelling marketing communication program that spreads the word, lays out the rules, and elicits interest.

Successful marketing communication plans effectively employ tools that can include:

– Program Websites – A responsive design website, which creates a user experience that is optimal regardless of device utilized, will go a long way in improving communications. Responsive web design allows the page to appear consistent on mobile devices, tablets, laptops, desktops, and browsers of all kinds, and is critical and uncomplicated in this day and age. If the website does not show up in an aesthetically pleasing manner the first time they visit the site, they may abandon it and not return or participate in the program. The program rules should be communicated clearly and with an aesthetically appealing design.

– Email Blasts – Communications that are engaging and to the point will yield the best results. Language should be playful and inspiring. Selecting subject lines that yield high open rates is very important.

– Announcement Brochures – These printed pieces combine effective copy with awesome aesthetics that catch the eye. The copy should be very easy to comprehend and digest. Utilizing bullet points, small blocks of text, and compelling headlines will optimize reader comprehension. Bright colors, attractive images, and other enticing graphics will strengthen the appearance of the brochure and keep the reader engaged.

– Promotional Products – Tangible items that are branded and bear the program logo can be another effective way to reinforce the program to participants. Items that are fun and useful, or placed in high traffic areas for participants, will keep the sales incentive program in the front of their faces and in their minds.

– Text Message Alerts – These text messaging alerts allow users to opt-in to receive updates and news about the contest sent directly to their mobile device. This communication medium is an excellent way to keep motivation high, update progress, and remind participants of the prizes that they can win.

Join An Internet Marketing Community

Anyone and everyone planning to start their own online business in internet marketing needs to join an internet marketing community first. Before jumping in blindfolded, find a place to go so when you hit the bottom of the pool and crack your head open, you do not give up! There are a whole lot of issues and irritations along the road to “millionaire internet marketer” that hurt like hell! Do not take them on alone or you will want to quit. Actually, you probably will quit. It is a sad fact, but starting a business is in the same league as exercise, giving up smoking or anything else that takes a bunch of motivation and energy. In the beginning there is a great deal of pain and what feels like very little reward. The results are minimal the first few weeks. The lack of instant success makes the prospects of starting a business lose its luster rapidly. There is a solution, join an internet marketing community.

After researching internet marketing communities, Internet Income University kept coming up and was highly recommended. Large forums are great, but there are so many members and so many strategies it is impossible to know where to step. Plus, the large forums are promoting magic bullet products faster than you can type bullet. Being new to the business myself I stick to my home base, which is Internet Income University. There are active members with quality advice, especially for the beginners. Not to mention, there are hours of free training videos available to all members.

Starting your own business, specifically and Internet marketing business can get lonely fast. Sometimes I feel like I am completely lost in cyberspace because I need to do something new that I don’t know anything about and I just need some help! With Internet Income University behind me, I know where to get help. It is reassuring and refreshing! Articles get rejected, links break themselves (I swear), sites seemingly disappear, and the list just goes on and on. It gets extremely frustrating. Having a community is a godsend. Without it, I may have thrown my computer out the window by now.

Join an internet marketing community and make some friends on the inside. With Internet Income University, I was able to join for free without any commitment whatsoever. There are two full weeks of solid training, plus several extra videos and PDFs for specific strategies and tools. Most of all, there is a great group of people doing the same thing, having the same problems and achieving the same goals. It is a great place to start, and stay!